As I type the title “My First Blog Post”, those typical “My First Day of School” feelings flow through my head. What will it be like? Will people like me? Will I have fun? Is it going to be difficult? Will I succeed? All those feelings of worry mixed with feelings of excitement of the unknown.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, but it just was never right. The first time I went to, I sat staring at the username field for a solid 20 minutes watching the cursor blink over and over before sheepishly closing the browser window. After that, I spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect name. A name that would define my blog, my style, my new adventure. I asked friends, I Googled, I made a list of words I liked. I was trying to put parameters around what my blog would be. But then I came to realize, I don’t actually know what this blog will be. What if I decide to post more about lifestyle things instead of sewing? Then the blog name wouldn’t align with the content, I thought. Then I thought about the design. That I should probably work out my “branding”, because for some reason I thought my very first hobby blog needed a brand (?!).

You see, I’m typically that girl with a plan. I like to analyze something from every possible angle before making a move. And there I was. A girl without a plan. It was very disconcerting and made me uncomfortable. At that moment, I decided that I needed to move outside my comfort zone, throw caution to the wind, jump in head first, and any other appropriate idiom, and just try something without knowing how it will actually go or having a plan. So, I went back to, and signed up with one of the first blog names I thought of. Sewbon. It’s pronounced the same as my maiden name, a word that defined me for 27 years. Plus, it’s witty in that I like to sew and bon means “good” in French (a language I unsuccessful tried to master throughout high school and a semester in college). So, Sew Good!

I’m still a girl without a plan as I don’t know exactly what this blog will turn into, but I hope to share it with you. However, my tentative plan is to post about things I like – sewing, crafting, DIY projects, travel, and life in general. And I plan on the next post having to do with one of those topics!

But in the meantime, to get over and to honor “My First Blog Post” jitters, here’s a picture of “My First Day of School” circa 1991.


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