This year I wanted to make something extra special for my sweet momma for Mother’s Day. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

For my wedding, my mom spent hours helping me cut out fabric for napkins with pinking shears. We knew we’d never be able to sew them all if we wanted to keep our sanity, so we left them with pinked edges. They worked great for the wedding, but I wanted to finish some and give them as a sentimental present to my mom. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

There are a few different ways to create mitered corners, and they all create slightly different results.

For this project, I wanted to go with the more secured corner where the corner is actually stitched together as opposed to folded together and then top stitched. My mom uses cloth napkins pretty regularly for dinners, so I wanted to make sure they would stand up to being washed a lot. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

The fabric I had was already cut in 17 x 17 squares. Since the napkins were cut to make the most out of our yardage for the wedding, it’s a bit smaller than a standard dinner napkin. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

The first step is to turn each edge of the fabric in at 1/2 inch, wrong sides together, and press. Then, fold an additional ¾ inch and press. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

Keeping the initial 1/2 inch fold, measure from the outside of a corner in 1.5 inches, which is twice the distance of your larger fold and mark with a fabric pen. Then measure and mark the other side of the corner. Draw a line between the 2 marks. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

Fold the corner, right sides together, lining up your marks. Pin and sew along this line. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

Now trim off the excess above your sew line. Repeat for all corners. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

Turn your corners right side out and press. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

The last step is to just top stitch, keeping close to the edge. :: Sewbon Mitered Corners

And voila! Mitered corner napkins! Perfect for a Mother’s Day tea party! :: Sewbon Mitered Corners