My husband is normally not the best secret keeper. I can usually tell just by looking at him if he’s trying to hide something. Also, it probably doesn’t help that I’m pretty nosey. Probably my top nosey-est moment was finding my engagement ring pre-proposal… oops.

However, I am completely blown away that Andy managed to keep this a secret from me. | Sewbon Babylock Evolution Serger | Sewbon Babylock Evolution Serger | Sewbon Babylock Evolution Serger

Given, he was out of town while most of the planning went on. 🙂

A few weeks ago, Andy told me that he needed to go in to get fitted for a suit for his sister’s wedding. So we set out after work to run that quick errand. We didn’t head to the mall area, so I wasn’t sure what store we were going to. When he said the intersection we were going to, I told him that was where the Baby Lock dealer, Above and Beyond Sewing, was located that I had visited previously. He somehow shrugged it off – so sly!

Sewbon_Baby_Lock_Evolution_Serger_01 | Sewbon Babylock Evolution Serger

He ended up turning into the same lot as the Baby Lock dealer and acted so confused as to where this “suit store” was. I started shrinking and seal-clapping, asking if we were in fact going to the dealer! Spoiler… We WERE!

When I ran we walked into the store, and the nicest ladies greeted me by name. That’s when I knew that he had quite the elaborate plan. Then we spent the next hour and a half looking at the Baby Lock Evolution Serger. I was completely smitten and we took her home with us! | Sewbon Babylock Evolution Serger | Sewbon Babylock Evolution SergerI’m so excited to add this ‘baby’ to our family and learn all about her! So far, she’s perfect!

Thanks so much to my loving husband for supporting me and my endeavors! I love you!

Photo Credit | Sewbon