FINALLY! I finally finished my Sewing Summit Recap! Whoop whoop!

Traveling out to SLC with my friend, Katie, who is an awesome photographer and sewist, was so much fun. It was like the best girls weekend ever! We arrived really late Wednesday night and started off the sewing festivities with a Shop Hop on Thursday morning. | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Katie and me in front of our sweet ride for the shop hop.

The shop hop was super fun and I picked up some great fabrics. I think one of my favorite memories of the whole trip was when Katie bought so much wool fabric, her credit card company thought it was fraudulent and froze her credit card, texted her, and called her… and then the cash register broke. This was hilarious (to me) and I used the extra time to find more fabric to buy. 😉 | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Friday we started off with classes. My first class was the Metal Frame Pouch with Elena from Hot Pink Stitches. I’ll be honest… my sewing mojo was totally off and I was a hot mess in this class. After a hour and a half, the class was over and I left with literally only a couple pieces of fabric cut and interfaced, notably smaller than it should have been due to all the seam ripping. I was kinda devastated. However, later that night, I finished it up during open sew in like 30 minutes – it was actually quite easy. I think I was just having one of those days where my brain didn’t show up. Do you ever have days like that?

The next class I did was a lecture class with Lindsey Rhodes from LR Stitched called Sewing with Leather. I LOVED this class! I seriously learned so much, and even though I’m a vegetarian, I have this strong desire to now cover myself head to toe in handmade leather goods! If you are interested in sewing with leather, check out Lindsey’s new online leather shop and you can purchase a PDF pattern of the tote we made as well as a leather kit to go with it!

After lunch, I took the Personal Branding class with Olivia Omega. Olivia is fabulous! She was so motivating and inspiring! I feel like I learned a lot from this class and I’m excited to implement what I learned on this blog soon! (Hint… new logo and layout coming soonish!) | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Shannon, Olivia, Me, and Kelsey after Olivia’s fab presentation.

I finished up the first day with a Half Square Triangle Quilt Top class taught by Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter. After my disastrous first class that day, I was determined to actually leave class with at least 2 pieces of fabric stitched together, something I failed to do earlier in the day. Amy was such a great teacher! I’m a complete novice to quilting and Amy did a great job teaching the class. I actually finished the class with all my squares sewn together and a few rows completed! Success! | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Working on my quilt top on the Bernina 350.

For dinner, we went out to a group dinner organized by Elizabeth and liZ from Simple Simon & Co at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The view was fantastic and I got to meet some more amazing women! | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

That view! | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Lindsay, Jessica, me, Janelle at dinner in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

That first night we stayed out until like 1:30am at open sew! It was so wonderful to make new friends and memories! | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Melissa, me, Katie, Miriam getting our 80’s on in the photobooth. | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Fancy Bernina machines!

After such a late night, Saturday started off what seemed like way too early… 9am. 🙂

Katie and I had the same schedule, so it was really fun to hang with her all day. Our first class was Brands and Bloggers with Bernina. It was great to hear what a large and successful corporation looks for in their partnerships with bloggers. Later that day, I got to give a mini interview with Alice from Bernina! It was so fun and hilarious…

Bernina: What does sewing mean to you?

Me: To me, sewing is stitching two pieces of fabric together… | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

 Bernina interview!

Our next class was Social Media with Tauni Everett from Snap Creativity. This class was really insightful and I learned a ton about SEO and how to make my blog more visible and successful. Fingers crossed I can actually make my blog more visible and successful! ha!

After learning all about sewing leather the previous morning, we got to sit down that afternoon and sew with some for the Luxe Tote Bag class with Lindsey Rhodes. I seriously love this pattern and can’t wait to finish it up soon!

I was exhausted by the end of Saturday, but Katie and I still made it to open sew where I finished my quilt top (whoop whoop!) and had lots of great laughs with friends. | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Oh, you know… just laying out my quilt top in the hotel hallway. Totally normal. | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Photo from || Alissa, Caroline, me, Katie, and Andrea at open sew. These girls are amazing!

Overall, I am blown away with how awesome of an experience Sewing Summit was. As a newby blogger, I feel like this was a great way to network and turn blog friends into real life friends. If you are on the fence about going, I would definitely encourage it! | Sewing Summit Recap 2013

Slap-happy at 2am!
Thank you so much to the wonderful Sewing Summit team for all your hard work on this event!