Hooray! I am so excited to be revealing my newly redesigned blog and logo! This has been something I’ve been thinking about for a while and what has come together is even better than I had imagined!

Sewbon.com Logo

I’m sure you are wondering why a sewing and DIY blog has a poodle wearing a bow tie for a logo. I know it seems random (probably because it is). However, one of the first projects I ever sewed was a bow tie. It was back in 2012 and I had just gotten my sewing machine. I had grand DIY dreams of whipping up some bow ties for my upcoming wedding and I figured I should make a practice one before committing to making 5 bow ties. So, I used some scrap fabric and, with a ton of help from my seam ripper and a chop stick, miraculously created a bow tie. I messed up a lot along the way and when it was finished, it wouldn’t fit on an adult human neck. I was determined to not let the project be a bust, so after spotting my dog across the room, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it fit perfectly on my Standard Poodle’s neck.

Sewbon.com Logo Work

I was over the moon thrilled when I found Deidre Wicks from WaterInMyPaint and I knew she was just the person to commission to make my Poodle Wearing a Bow Tie water color painting. I’m planning on framing the original painting and hanging it up in my sewing room. Thanks so much, Deidre, for being an amazing painter and such a pleasure to work with!

To logo-ize my Poodle Wearing a Bow Tie water color painting, I hired the fabulous Jenny of Honey & Mint. Jenny is also responsible for the awesome gold social media icons that my new blog is sporting and she is working on some more hand drawn awesomeness for the blog. Thank you so much, Jenny, for all your hard work on this! I’m so glad I Instagram stalked you into being my friend!

In addition to a sparkly new logo is a brand spanking new layout and design for the blog! I’d love it if you would take a moment to check out the new site! I think my favorite part, besides the pretty new look, is the new Tutorials + Projects page. Now you can easily see and navigate to all the tutorials and projects on Sewbon! Also, I have an updated About page and I added in a new FAQS page. Check it out and please let me know what you think and if you come across anything that seems buggy. 🙂