I’m SO excited about this giveaway that I can barely contain myself! Seriously, how cool is it that I get to giveaway a Cricut Explore?!

Ten Reasons I Love My Cricut Explore at Sewbon.com

I first learned about the Cricut Explore at Alt Summit back in January and once I saw it it in action, I was smitten. I mean, it could cut LEATHER! Plus, it made me this sweet arm tat that I wore for hours around 400 incredible stylish people. Man, I’m cool. 😉

10 Reasons I Love the Cricut Explore at Sewbon.com

I quickly put the Cricut Explore on my wish list and was waiting until the right moment (i.e. when my craft expenses were at the lowest) to spring the request on Andy. Lucky for Andy (and amazingly for me), I ended up joining the Cricut Design Star Challenge and the folks at Cricut sent me a machine to try out.

Over the past 4-ish months, I’ve been participating in the Cricut Design Star Challenge and have used my machine a lot. I can honestly say that I’ve fallen even more in love with my machine! How much? Well, let me count the ways…

Ten Reasons I Love My Cricut Explore at Sewbon.com

One: I can easily import designs I make in Adobe Illustrator. I love to design in Illustrator, so the fact that I can create my own designs and projects and upload them FOR FREE is huge! In fact, all the projects I made for the Cricut Design Star Challenge were designed in Illustrator. (Psst – check them out here, here, here, and here)

Two: It can cut and write all the fonts that I have on my computer – even all the fun ones I’ve downloaded! As a person who has quite the font collection (Dafont.com, anyone?!) this is such a cool feature.

Three: It can cut a wide range of materials! I’ve put lots of different materials (leather, felt, vinyl, glitter iron-on, chipboard, kraft paper, construction paper) through my Cricut Explore and it’s handled them all like a champ.

Four: The Make It Now projects are so cute, quick, and easy! Browse through them all here and see for yourself!

Five: It works wirelessly!

Six: It’s so quiet! I have spent quite a few late nights cutting with my Cricut Explore on the bedroom floor and it hasn’t ever woken Andy up!

Seven: The soon to be released iPad App looks amazing! I just got a sneak peek and, coming in January, you can use the Cricut Explore with your iPad!

Eight: It’s precise! Some of the cuts I’ve made on the Cricut Explore are tiny. Like teeny tiny. I’m always amazed that it can cut small objects so precisely. It makes my exacto knife handy work look like I used a chain saw.

Nine: It’s pretty! The Cricut Explore is such a well designed machine that I keep it out on display on my shelf when I’m not using it.

Ten: The Cricut Explore cuts more materials and is more precise than the Silhouette Cameo. Check out this third party comparison study for more details.

10 Reasons I Love the Cricut Explore at Sewbon.com

If you’ve been waiting to get your mitts on a Cricut Explore, now is your chance! Enter to win a Cricut Explore using the rafflecopter widget below (USA shipping addresses only please):

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10 Reasons I Love the Cricut Explore at Sewbon.com

Also, Cricut is having some amazing deals for Black Friday! Full disclosure… only Walmart and Amazon can beat this price, but their quantities are super limited. So, if you can’t get it there, you should get it from the Cricut website HERE!  And, make sure to use these Black Friday discount codes to save even more!


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Ten Reasons I Love My Cricut Explore at Sewbon.com
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cricut, but, as always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own and I really do think the Cricut Explore is super awesome.