Another Update! Over 200 people have signed up, so we are closing the signup. Thanks for playing along! 🙂

UPDATE! Due to all the positive responses, we are going to keep the signup open until we reach 200 people! 🙂 Also, we pushed back the date the scarfs should be in the mail (2/10 now). #mathfail. 🙂

I’m baaaack! I accidentally took a month hiatus from the blog (whoops.) due to having an awful stomach bug, then the flu, closely followed by a round of norovirus. I was pretty much sick the entire month of December. But I’m back, feeling great, and super excited about new sewing projects, collaborations, and all things crafty in the new year!

One of my goals this year (I’ll spare you on sharing all my goals. Mostly because then I won’t have any accountability to actually follow through… I’m looking at you 2014 goals.) is to make more crafty friends! I love the online sewing and crafting community but I feel like I’m usually a lurker – Stalking inspiring Instagrams. Scrolling through the 200+ RSS feeds I follow. Coveting amazing makes from afar.

But now I want to get more engaged and meet new folks!

Handmade Scarf Swap 2015

So, to do so, my blogging bestie Caroline of Sew Caroline and I wanted to host a Handmade Scarf Swap! Intrigued? Here are the deets.


1. The Handmade Scarf Swap is open to the first 200 people to sign up! Signup is open until Friday, 1/23/15, or until we reach 100 participants, whichever happens first. Also, this swap is open to US residents only. Hopefully in the future (if things go well!) we will be able to open the game up to everyone!

2. Caroline and I will send an email to the participants by end of day Tuesday, 1/27/15, with the name, mailing address, and social media info of the partner they were randomly assigned. Note that you are going to be making a scarf for a person different than the person who has you. More mystery that way!

3. You have two weeks to create/sew/knit a scarf for your partner and mail it. All scarfs must be in the post by 2/10/15!

4. Share the fun on social media with the hashtag #handmadescarfswap! We can’t wait to see in progress photos, pictures of the scarf you made, or of the scarf you received!

This swap is truly just a fun way to get to know other sewists and to have fun sewing for someone else! I hope you are as excited about this as we are and want to join in!

Notable Dates:

  • Signup Deadline: Friday, 1/23/15, while space is available (200 participant limit).
  • Participants Notified: Tuesday, 1/27/15
  • Scarf Mailing Date: Monday, 2/10/15

Please don’t ruin the fun for someone else;  DO NOT sign up for this swap if you do not intend to send a scarf to your assigned partner. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for missing items or people who sign up and choose not to participate.

To sign up, use the Google Form below or access the Google Form via this link. Please note that you have until Friday, 1/23 or until we reach 200 participants, whichever happens first.

To get the inspiration flowing, I’m going to be sharing a round up of some of my favorite scarf patterns and tutorials from around the interwebs later this week. Stay tuned! I’m so excited!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? This is my first time co-hosting a swap, so please let me know and I’ll be sure to clarify!