Seasons are great and all, but I think I could be pretty content with summer lasting 365 days a year. Warm weather and sunshine just make me happy. If I could live on a boat exploring sea life, islands, and fruity umbrella drinks, I would in a heartbeat! Anyways, I made a DIY bikini so I can sip my umbrella drinks at the pool and imagine I’m not in landlocked Colorado. (Kidding. I love Colorado! But, I do think it would be even better with an ocean…)

DIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at

The inspiration for this projects started with my fabric. The folks at Funkifabrics let me pick out some of their fabrics to try out and, although I was pretty into the idea of a super graphic print swimsuit (emojis, dalmatians, triangles, oh my!), I landed on a classic black with the NE 3008 Black Nylon Flexcite Lyrca. I’m really impressed with the quality of this fabric and I really like that the weight of the fabric is 190 gsm – nice and thick!

DIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at

Let’s talk patterns! I’ve had a major creative crush on everything that Sarah of Ohhh Lulu designs and when she released the Scarlett Bralette pattern, I knew it would be perfect for a bikini! I don’t have any RTW bikinis with a racer back, so I thought it would be a fun change.

I made the size x-small in View B. The fit was pretty close but I did take it in on the sides by about 1.5 inches total (my underbust measurement is 30 inches). I also made a couple small modifications to this pattern. Instead of doing bra straps, I used this awesome tutorial to make elasticated straps. But the coolest, swimsuity-est modification was to add removable cups for extra coverage. I did this by sewing two extra front pattern pieces and then cutting them in on the side by about an inch and serging the raw edge. Then I placed them wrong sides together with the other two front pattern pieces and then treated those as one piece each. Once everything was sewn up, there was a little opening to slip the removable cup in. I have no idea if this explanation makes sense, so here’s a picture of the back side of my bikini top. 🙂

DIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at

For the bottoms, I used the Cloth Habit Watson Bikini pattern. I made these before and loved them, but this time decided to cut the x-small size to help keep them from getting baggy from swimming. The only change I made was to line the entire bottoms for extra coverage. I did this by cutting 2 of each pattern piece, placing them wrong sides together, and treating it as one pattern piece when sewing. I used this tutorial and sewed the crotch seams using the “burrito method” so the crotch seams would be enclosed. I attached swimsuit elastic to the waist and leg holes and then flipped and top stitched. Allie at Indiesew has a great tutorial on sewing elastic into swimwear.

DIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this make. Now quick… where’s my fruity umbrella drink?! Or  boozy popsicle?!

DIY Bikini at Sewbon.comDIY Bikini at

Photos by Laura Murray Photography

Disclaimer: This post was made in partnership with Funkifabrics but, as always, the thoughts expressed are my own.