Brown paper packages tied up with string…. these are a few of my favorite things!

Christmas is coming up quick! I think I have all my shopping done, so I spent this past weekend wrapping up presents. Wrapping gifts is actually something that I really enjoy. As a kid, it was kind of my dream job to be one of those people who wrapped presents in the customer service section of the department store. The selection of colorful wrapping paper and bows seemed so exciting to me! Plus, presents.

DIY Wrapping Paper at Sewbon.comDIY Wrapping Paper at Sewbon.comDIY Wrapping Paper at DIY Wrapping Paper at

For wrapping paper, some years I go green and upcycle old newspapers (I always gravitate towards the colored comics section of the Sunday paper) and others I go all out with fancy, thick glitter paper. But this year, I wanted to take a DIY approach. I went to my local Michaels and picked up a roll of kraft paper, some small jingle bells, and Prismacolor Markers and got to work.

I wish I was more of an artist and could free hand a red nose reindeer, some pointesettas, or a jolly Santa, but straight lines are more in my wheelhouse. So, I drew some lines on the kraft paper with the help of a trusty ruler and wrapped up my gifts! I topped each present with some twine and jingle bells for a little something extra. Plus, hearing that jingle is a dead giveaway that someone is snooping in the Christmas presents (although that’s usually me…). 😉

A quick note on these Prismacolor Markers… they are awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever owned legit artist’s markers (I’m assuming the ones I had in 3rd grade were not top notch) and these make me feel like a real artist. The color saturation is really nice and they are super smooth. I’m hoping that the high quality aspect of these markers will make my doodles look like something from a museum. Well, that and maybe an art class wouldn’t hurt either…

DIY Wrapping Paper at Sewbon.comDIY Wrapping Paper at

Now that we’ve covered brown paper packages, I’m want to share some more of my favorite things! Specifically, my favorite sewing notions. This list covers the most used items in my sewing room and I whole heartedly swear by them! So, if you’ve got a sewist in your life you need to shop for (possibly yourself…), here’s my list!

  1. Olfa 60mm Rotary Cutter – I cut the majority of my fabric out using a rotary cutter. It makes cutting quick and easy. Plus, it’s great for slippery fabrics like silk and rayon.
  2. Olfa Self Healing Rotary Mat – If you are going to use the rotary cutter, a self healing mat is a must. Floors and countertops will thank you.
  3. O’lipfa Ruler – The lipped edge on this makes cutting straight lines super easy. It catches the edge of the rotary mat to make a perfect 90 straight line.
  4. Dritz Magnetic Pin Caddy: The magnet in this pin caddy makes it perfect for picking up and corralling pins.
  5. Gingher Featherweight Thread Clippers – I use these snips all the time to easily trim off thread. They are much easier to wield than large scissors.

I’d love to know… what are your tried and true sewing room items? Perhaps I need to add a few last minute things to my wish list… 😉

DIY Wrapping Paper at Sewbon.comDIY Wrapping Paper at Sewbon.comDIY Wrapping Paper at Sewbon.comDIY Wrapping Paper at

Make sure to check out Michaels coupons for additional savings, in newspapers and online!

Also, get in on the trend of adult coloring and click here and select “free pages” to download your own free Prismacolor coloring pages!

Disclaimer: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Prismacolor, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #relaxandcolor