My sewing studio has been a bit of a disaster lately. I relocated it from a loft space in my house to an extra bedroom a few months ago because I wanted wall space and a door so I could close it and just ignore the creative mess. Of course, half of the room is still in boxes or (lovingly) shoved in piles of random crap because 1) it’s overwhelming 2) organizing is not fun 3) I’d rather do other things with my free time. Unfortunately, this means I spend more time searching for things than sewing. Like the time I misplaced ALL my sewing feet and debated if a velcro closure on my Trevi Dress would pass as a “design feature” since I couldn’t find my buttonhole foot.

I find that once everything has a place, I can (usually) put things back in their place when I’m done using them. You know, to subsequently find them again. So, as part of the Fiesta Fun Fabrics tour, I made the Sew Together Bag to store important things – like sewing feet.

Sew Together Bag at Sewbon.comSew Together Bag at Sewbon.comSew Together Bag at Sew Together Bag at Sewbon.comSew Together Bag at Sewbon.comSew Together Bag at Sew Together Bag at

Pattern: Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented

Fabrics: Fiesta Fun fabric line by Dana Willard for Art Gallery Fabrics (I used Mexican Dress Morning in canvas, Happy Streamer, florita Azul, and Zocalo Lemon) plus a random scrap of chambray in my stash.

Modifications: Nothing really. I did inserted a chambray panel on the front and practiced some hand embroidery techniques. I know, I’m impressed too; I can barely believe I hand sewed something.

Also, I omitted the pin cushion and needle landing because I plan to use this bag for storing sewing feet and other small sewing machine essentials.

Thoughts: This bag is so cool! It’s like zipper bonanza! Plus, it’s a hefty bag and it feels substantial to hold.

I procrastinated hard on this project. Mostly because I didn’t want to read the directions to figure out how to assemble it. I usually sew garments and those are fairly predictable, but this pattern had limited visual instructions, a lot of text, and an assembly method that wasn’t intuitive to me. However, once I actually sat down and figured out what I was supposed to do, it was a fun sew! I think this bag would be a little tough for a beginner sewist since the instructions are a bit confusing, but there is a sew-along on The Quilt Barn that is a helpful reference.

Personally, I was scratching my head on what the directions wanted me to do with the zipper tabs (and what I thought they were saying didn’t align with the sew-along). I ended up folding the zipper tab in half RST so it was 1 3/4″ x 3″. Then I folded the 1 3/4″ edges down WST by 2/5″, stitched the 3″ sides, and then turned right side out.

Fabric wise, the Fiesta Fun fabric line is so cheery and bright. The vibrant colors definitely brings a smile to my face. Plus, it’s AGF so you know the quality is awesome. I’m also really smitten with the Citrus Sunrise design… I mean, who doesn’t love a bunch of cute oranges! I just wish AGF had made a couple of the prints in a voile substrate (Hint hint, AGF!).

Next Time: Now that I have one of these bags under my belt, I think I could sew another again much faster since I now know what to do. I’d like to try another one with some leather details because leather bags are fantastic.

Sew Together Bag at

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Disclaimer: The fabrics in this post were provided to me for participating in the Fiesta Fabrics blog tour but, as always, the thoughts expressed in this post are my own.