Tutorial | Metallic Polka Dot Umbrella

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EEEeeeeeeeee!!! Can I write a post that’s just me screaming?! Too obnoxious? Well, the Jo-Ann 2014 Spring Look Book just got published online and my Metallic Polka Dot Umbrella Tutorial is in it! EEEEeeeeee! Back in November Jess, of The Sewing Rabbit, asked if anyone on her Sewing Rabbit Team would be interested in creating […]

La Pouchette : Metallic Gold Leather Business Card Holder

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I’m a bit leather obsessed these days. So when I recently got my ‘big girl’ blog business cards for Alt Summit, I decided I needed to make a fun leather business card holder to put them in. After all, nothing says ‘professional-ish blogger’ like distressed metallic gold leather. After cruising around on Kollabora for a bit, […]

Tutorial | DIY Ribbon Shoe Laces

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I’ve been pretty obsessed with my TOMS booties lately. And, as evidence to how much I’ve worn them, one of my shoe laces was almost completely worn through. Instead of going out and buying regular ol’ shoe laces, I decided to DIY some. I think these DIY ribbon shoe laces make my shoes look extra special – […]

Tutorial | Leather Tassel Keychain DIY

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Phew! I’m back from Alt Summit and my head is swimming with inspiration, to-do’s, and new blogs to read. It was an amazing time (I overgrammed again) and I can’t wait to share more about it! But in the meantime, I wanted to bring home this fun and super easy Leather Tassel Keychain DIY tutorial. […]