30 Days of Sundresses | Sutton Dress Hack + A Giveaway

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I’m typically slow to join in on fashion trends. It took years before I finally accepted that skinny jeans (which is pretty much all I wear now) were a thing and I remember the first time I tried on leggings as pants… I cringed and promptly put them back on the shelf, vowing to never […]

Arm Knitted Neon Scarf + A Giveaway

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Last month while I was browsing one of my favorite local fabric shops, Fancy Tiger Crafts, I saw a gorgeous knitted neon scarf on display. I quickly put it on and started petting it. I’m pretty sure I wore it for like 30 minutes in the store before a nice employee came over and informed me that […]

Art Gallery Fabrics Holiday PJ Pants + A Giveaway

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When I have kiddos, I want to do a holiday tradition where the kids (and, obviously, me and my husband) get to open a gift on Christmas Eve where everyone gets new Christmas pajamas and a book. Actually, now that I think about it, why wait until I have kids? I should probably try to get this […]

Natalie Top + A Giveaway

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I don’t know what it is about my closet but even though I shop like the best of them, I usually feel I have absolutely nothing to wear. Well, maybe it’s not so much my closet as it is that I’m a girl. Yeah. That’s probably it. 😉 My work clothes had been feeling particularly boring lately but I […]

Coyote Honey Bun Poufs + A Giveaway

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I think this might be my longest sewing project to date. I’m pretty into instant gratification, so these Amy Butler Honey Bun Poufs have been quite the labor of love for me. It took 180 triangles and approximately 8 episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix, but I now have two GIANT poufs made out of adorable fabric […]