Watson Bra and Undies

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I made a bra! I made a freakin’ bra! When I started sewing a handful of years ago, there were things that I never thought I would make. Undergarments were definitely one of them (along with a legit winter coat, jeans, and a swim suit). But after seeing all the amazing Watson’s around the web […]

Bridgetown Dress

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Looking through these pictures really highlights the fact that I only have about 3 poses with my favorite clearly being “left hand in hair while gazing off into the distance and laughing at something that’s not there”. I think the tweens in the park really got a kick out of watching me take these pictures. It […]

Marianne Dress

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I’m a dress girl. I find that dresses are just so easy to throw on and look instantly pulled together. Plus loose, cotton ones (my favorite) feel like I’m wearing PJs. PJs that are socially acceptable to wear out in public. So, when I saw the adorable Marianne Dress in the Indiesew Spring Collection, I decided […]

Leather Envelope Clutch

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I’ve had terrible luck with losing things lately and my favorite leather (possibly pleather) wristlet has gone missing. So, when I saw the Envelope Clutch by Noodlehead was part of the Indiesew Spring Collection, I decided I needed to make it’s replacement immediately out of a stamped leather hide I had been hoarding for about a year. I […]

Sequined Burda Style 6955 Pencil Skirt

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I tend to buy any and every fabric that catches my eye and, as a result, I have quite the fabric stash (and hoarding problem) going. So, last year, when I came across this amazing green and black sequined fabric at Colorado Fabrics, I purchased my default amount (2.5 yards) and have been hoarding admiring it ever […]