Tutorial | Fitness Mat Strap

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I got hooked on Core Power Yoga Sculpt classes back in the winter when I was looking to escape our frigid apartment and enjoy some “free” heat. Sculpt is pretty much an hour of profuse sweating in a 95 degree room while doing sun salutations, high knees, weights, a million chaturangas, and old fashion pushups (which […]

Tutorial | Easy Knit Summer Sundress

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Summer is usually my favorite. But this year, I’ve had a bit of a falling out with summer as we don’t have air-conditioning in our circa 1902 rental. Every time the temperatures creep into the 90’s, our house thinks it’s an oven and gets and stays ridiculous hot. I’m nagging encouraging Andy to find us a […]

Tutorial | Hand Painted Duvet Cover Made From Two Flat Sheets

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I shared this post on The Sewing Rabbit back in July of last year and thought it was about time to bring this tutorial home. Life’s been a bit crazy around here, but I can’t wait to share the sewing projects I’ve been working on… you know, once I get them finished. 🙂 I’ve been […]

Tutorial | Hot and Cold Pack

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Annnnd now I have Katy Perry’s ‘Hot and Cold’ song stuck in my head. But, that’s fairly appropriate since that’s the theme of spring here in Colorado and the theme of this project! It was a gorgeous 70 degree day on Sunday, so my folks and I went out for a bike ride. We are […]

Tutorial | Easy Leather Soled Mittens

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I was just checking the weather forecast online and the main headline read ‘Will it EVER be warm again’? Ha! A bit dramatic, but I figured that now would be a good time to bring this leather soled mitten tutorial home for those that are still experiencing the polar vortex! Winter this year in Colorado […]