Tutorial | DIY Eye Mask with Free Sewing Pattern

Learn how to sew this easy sleep eye mask at Sewbon.com! Free Sewing Pattern!Read more

Fall is here and that means it’s sadly staying darker outside longer in the morning. This is horrible news because getting up in the dark is the worst! I’m already starting the countdown until spring (162 days, BTW). Andy gets up for work much earlier than me and since it’s apparently unreasonable for me to ask […]

Indiesew Fall Collection

Make a handmade Fall wardrobe with the Indiesew Fall Collection! More details and handmade fashion at Sewbon.comRead more

You know how sometimes when you mess something up it’s best just to stop instead of keep trying to fix it because it always gets worse? For example, cutting your own bangs, plucking your eyebrows, and trying to fix the fit on a cardigan? Lucky for me though, I think my now sleeveless cardigan (a “vestigan”, […]

Juniper Jersey

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Weekends are meant for lounging. Well, wait. Who am I kidding? I firmly believe that every day is meant for lounging. As such, I have a new, absolutely favorite comfy shirt that has been in heavy rotation since I made it back in the beginning of July. It’s the Blank Slate Patterns Juniper Jersey! I’ve been […]

Tutorial | DIY Quilted iPad Case

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I’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately and I like to bring along my fairly ancient iPad 2 with me for reading on the plane. Although I’m slightly tempted to “accidentally” drop it so I can get a fancy new one, I figure I should embrace the old cliche “if it ain’t broke… yada, yada, yada”, and […]

DIY Bikini

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Seasons are great and all, but I think I could be pretty content with summer lasting 365 days a year. Warm weather and sunshine just make me happy. If I could live on a boat exploring sea life, islands, and fruity umbrella drinks, I would in a heartbeat! Anyways, I made a DIY bikini so […]