Juniper Jersey

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Weekends are meant for lounging. Well, wait. Who am I kidding? I firmly believe that every day is meant for lounging. As such, I have a new, absolutely favorite comfy shirt that has been in heavy rotation since I made it back in the beginning of July. It’s the Blank Slate Patterns Juniper Jersey! I’ve been […]

Tutorial | DIY Quilted iPad Case

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I’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately and I like to bring along my fairly ancient iPad 2 with me for reading on the plane. Although I’m slightly tempted to “accidentally” drop it so I can get a fancy new one, I figure I should embrace the old cliche “if it ain’t broke… yada, yada, yada”, and […]

DIY Bikini

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Seasons are great and all, but I think I could be pretty content with summer lasting 365 days a year. Warm weather and sunshine just make me happy. If I could live on a boat exploring sea life, islands, and fruity umbrella drinks, I would in a heartbeat! Anyways, I made a DIY bikini so […]

Mabel Skirt

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I’ve been hoarding this fabric for over a year now and I finally made it into what it was destined to be… a pencil skirt. The Collette Patterns Mabel Skirt, to be precise. I made this skirt a couple months ago and have been wearing it to work quite a bit. But, after seeing all the photos […]

Tutorial | DIY Sunglasses Case

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I recently upgraded my dainty cross body purse to an oversized bag. I’ve never been one to carry too large of a bag before, but my latest purse is pretty large. Like so large that I seriously think I could probably tote around my two cats, a water bottle, 3 different types of chapstick, a wallet, […]