Baby Bibs + Bloomers

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It seems like nearly everyone I know is pregnant, including my sister and my sister-in-law, so I’ve been on the hunt for some baby sewing patterns to make as presents and I think I found just the thing – the Whitney Deal Baby Bib and Bloomers sewing patterns! Seriously though, these little bibs and bloomers are […]

The Great Pattern Hack | Senna Tote

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I schlep my laptop to and from the office everyday in a very practical (read: boring) bag and I’ve been wanting something new and pretty for a while now. I had been debating making one, but I was hung up on finding a pattern that would also provide some padding for my computer. However, after looking […]

Tutorial | Criss Cross Strap Sundress

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I’m almost three weeks into my self proclaimed “Summer of No Pants” challenge and I’ve got dresses (and skirts) on my mind. Although the thought of buying a dozen new dresses is quite appealing, I’m aiming to add some more handmade dresses to my wardrobe this season, starting with this easy criss cross strap sundress. And, as […]

Makers Gonna Make Printable Card

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My obsession with craft supplies started at the tender age of four. According to my mom, my pre-kindergarden classroom had a big bucket of buttons that I was quite enamored with. Each day I would “borrow” a handful of buttons to bring home to admire and each night the teacher would call my mom to tell her I […]

Indiesew Summer Collection

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If you are looking for me this summer, you’ll find me hanging out in these harem pants listening to MC Hammer on repeat. Oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh, can’t touch this! Although, I recently realized at Quilt Market that I am far too handsy with touching fabric on other people’s clothes. Maybe it’s because I sew… maybe it’s because […]