Tutorial | Garden Apron

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April showers bring May flowers, but what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims! Haha??? Ok, I know I have the jokes of a middle schooler but that’s okay because spring is officially here and that makes me super excited because 1) I don’t like winter and 2) FLOWERS! Although I tend to struggle with keeping plants alive, I’d really […]

Tulip Top

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I picked up 2 meters of this amazing quilted knit fabric a couple months ago from Blackbird Fabrics (sadly, it’s sold out now or I would buy IT ALL!) and I had been debating what to do with it. After seeing some cozy looking cardigans and sweaters at Lululemon, I decided that this fabric needed […]

Coyote Honey Bun Poufs + A Giveaway

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I think this might be my longest sewing project to date. I’m pretty into instant gratification, so these Amy Butler Honey Bun Poufs have been quite the labor of love for me. It took 180 triangles and approximately 8 episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix, but I now have two GIANT poufs made out of adorable fabric […]

Watson Bra and Undies

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I made a bra! I made a freakin’ bra! When I started sewing a handful of years ago, there were things that I never thought I would make. Undergarments were definitely one of them (along with a legit winter coat, jeans, and a swim suit). But after seeing all the amazing Watson’s around the web […]

Bridgetown Dress

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Looking through these pictures really highlights the fact that I only have about 3 poses with my favorite clearly being “left hand in hair while gazing off into the distance and laughing at something that’s not there”. I think the tweens in the park really got a kick out of watching me take these pictures. It […]