Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with Sewbon! I love to showcase companies and products that appeal to my readers and I am currently offering sponsored posts and custom collaborations to do so. I strive to create honest campaigns that present sponsored content in a unique and personal way.

Stats as of September 2016

45,000+ Average Monthly Pageviews (Google Analytics)
15,000+ Average Unique Visitors (Google Analytics)
3,100+ Subscribers (RSS, Bloglovin’, Email)
5,200+ Instagram Followers
2,000+ Facebook Fans
3,500+ Pinterest Followers

Sponsored Posts

I’m pleased to offer a limited number of sponsored posts, including product/service reviews, giveaways and original tutorials. Please contact me to discuss a campaign.

Custom Collaborations

Want to collaborate in a different way? Contact me and we can come up with an amazing custom campaign to meet your marketing needs.