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Juniper Jersey

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Weekends are meant for lounging. Well, wait. Who am I kidding? I firmly believe that every day is meant for lounging. As such, I have a new, absolutely favorite comfy shirt that has been in heavy rotation since I made it back in the beginning of July. It’s the Blank Slate Patterns Juniper Jersey! I’ve been […]

Tulip Top

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I picked up 2 meters of this amazing quilted knit fabric a couple months ago from Blackbird Fabrics (sadly, it’s sold out now or I would buy IT ALL!) and I had been debating what to do with it. After seeing some cozy looking cardigans and sweaters at Lululemon, I decided that this fabric needed […]

Rose T-Shirt Dress

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Loose, comfortable clothing is kind of my thing. If it feels like I’m wearing a blanket, I probably love it. Lucky for me, this little black Rose T-Shirt Dress by Blank Slate Patterns is the perfect mix of comfort and style! For this dress, I cut the size small (longer version) dress option with 3/4 length […]

Shoreline Boatneck Top

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I pretty much always sew with knits as they are just so soft and wearable. However, when I saw the Shoreline Boatneck top by Blank Slate Patterns could be made with a woven, my interest peaked. The silhouette is very similar to a couple of my favorite work tops that are sadly getting worn out (or […]