Indiesew Fall Collection

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Fall is just around the corner! Or if you live in Colorado, we apparently skipped fall altogether and went straight to winter. Seriously, Mother Nature?! Snow already?! Seems a bit early, if you ask me. Anyways, I’m so excited that I just added 3 new handmade items to my wardrobe for fall with the Indiesew Fall Collection! The […]

Knit Blouson Striped Maxi Dress

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Blouson maxi dresses are kinda my thing. It’s like wearing a socially acceptable and fashionable blanket. I’ve been wanting to sew up a knit blouson maxi dress for a while, but never found a pattern for it. So, since I’ve been reading some pattern drafting books, I decided I should just draft one up myself in this […]

Tutorial | Easy Knit Summer Sundress

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Summer is usually my favorite. But this year, I’ve had a bit of a falling out with summer as we don’t have air-conditioning in our circa 1902 rental. Every time the temperatures creep into the 90’s, our house thinks it’s an oven and gets and stays ridiculous hot. I’m nagging encouraging Andy to find us a […]

DIY Babies

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Today I’m over at iCandy Handmade sharing a pattern review of a top knot baby hat as part of their DIY Babies series! Check out my post here and make sure to enter this seriously AMAZING giveaway that iCandy Handmade is hosting!

Knit Tank Dress

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This past weekend, we were in gorgeous Naples, Florida visiting Andy’s grandparents. It was so much fun to spend quality time with them and to soak up the sun on the golf course and the beach! We had beautiful weather and an amazing time! Last week, after I shared what was sitting on my sewing […]