Indiesew Summer Collection

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If you are looking for me this summer, you’ll find me hanging out in these harem pants listening to MC Hammer on repeat. Oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh, can’t touch this! Although, I recently realized at Quilt Market that I am far too handsy with touching fabric on other people’s clothes. Maybe it’s because I sew… maybe it’s because […]

Leather Envelope Clutch

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I’ve had terrible luck with losing things lately and my favorite leather (possibly pleather) wristlet has gone missing. So, when I saw the Envelope Clutch by Noodlehead was part of the Indiesew Spring Collection, I decided I needed to make it’s replacement immediately out of a stamped leather hide I had been hoarding for about a year. I […]

Super Tote

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I’ve been meaning to share my AWESOME new Super Tote bag, but coming down with the flu and being absolutely worthless for a week plus my new client at work has left me a bit behind on the blog front. But, better late than never because this Super Tote bag is SUPER cool! (see what I did […]