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Style Maker Fabrics Fall 2018 Tour | Joy Jacket + Tabor VNeck

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I apparently only sew when Style Maker Fabrics is doing their bi-annual sewing tour (the Harmony Top I made for the spring tour is still my most worn item to date). So, I’m super glad Michelle is hosting this fall tour because it finally gave me a reason to prioritize sewing and I ended up with two […]

Toaster Sweater #2

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I remember wearing turtleneck sweaters when I was young. They always hurt to pull over my ears, made my hair staticky, and generally made me feel like I was being strangled by my wardrobe. So, when I saw turtlenecks were making a comeback, I figured I’d pass. However, the Toaster Sweater pattern took the home sewing community by storm […]

Bridgetown Dress

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Looking through these pictures really highlights the fact that I only have about 3 poses with my favorite clearly being “left hand in hair while gazing off into the distance and laughing at something that’s not there”. I think the tweens in the park really got a kick out of watching me take these pictures. It […]