Tutorial | Makeup Brush Organizer

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Exploring new places is one of my favorite things and I’ve been lucky enough to spend most of this past summer traveling (which I typically over-gram about here). On a long weekend trip to Steamboat, Colorado last month for a wedding, I noticed my friend had a really cool makeup brush organizer that was perfect for […]

Tutorial | Easy Leather Soled Mittens

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I was just checking the weather forecast online and the main headline read ‘Will it EVER be warm again’? Ha! A bit dramatic, but I figured that now would be a good time to bring this leather soled mitten tutorial home for those that are still experiencing the polar vortex! Winter this year in Colorado […]

Buy or DIY | Leather Tote Bag Tutorial

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I am SO exited about this new sewing series that my amazing blog buddy, Caroline of Sew Caroline, and I are starting! Every other month, Caroline and I are each going to share an item that we’d love to buy from a store and then also share a DIY on how to make it. That […]

Tutorial | How To Sew Buttons with a Sewing Machine

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Remember that time I confessed my deep, dark, sewing secrets to Palak from Make it Handmade? Well, I made a little tutorial for how to sew buttons with a sewing machine to go along with my confession and I’m bringing this easy sewing tip home. disclaimer: this does not work for buttons with shanks. Also, it’s […]

Faux Fur Vest Sewing DIY

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Possible alternative titles to this post could be 1) “How many times can silk be seam ripped before it falls apart?” 2) “The vest that almost cost me my sanity” or 3) “A bunch of pictures of me awkwardly looking at myself in the mirror” Oh, and if you are wondering the answer to the […]