True Bias

Lander Pant

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I love that fashion and style is cyclical and, if you wait long enough, everything comes back around again at some point. Although, I’m not sure how anyone is going to be able to bring the poodle skirt back to mainstream fashion… that one might be stuck in the 50’s forever. Anyways, I’m really into […]

Ogden Cami

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Oh heyyy, long neglected blog! I could ramble off a million excuses of why I haven’t been sewing or blogging much but, ya know, life and whatevs. Anyways, I actually did sew something in August and I’m finally blogging about it. CliffsNotes version: I made the Ogden Cami in a silk crepe de chine and it’s awesome. […]

The Hudson Pant

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I’ve been meaning to post about these Hudson Pants for a while, but getting pictures was surprising hard. It rained the couple times I wanted to do pictures and then earlier this week I accidentally over-dyed my eyebrows and ended up looking a lot like Groucho Marx (not a good look for me). But, after scrubbing my face a […]