Xbox 360 Bluetooth – Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox?

You have amazing Bluetooth earphones, and you are contemplating whether you can connect them with your Xbox 360.

In this article, I will be letting you know whether this is conceivable and giving you a few hints on the most proficient method in order to be successful.

It is difficult to straightforwardly connect Bluetooth earphones with your Xbox 360 since the game control center isn’t Bluetooth empowered. The good news is that there is a strategy for getting around it by utilizing a connector.

Continue to read to find how you can utilize your Bluetooth earphones with your Xbox 360.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones Xbox 360?

No, this isn’t straightforwardly possible as Xbox 360, in its ongoing adaptation, isn’t Bluetooth empowered. Xbox accompanies a restrictive remote regulator which involves a particular recurrence for gaming. However, there is a workaround.

So if you have any desire to utilize Bluetooth earphones with your Xbox, you’ll need to take some extra steps.

Step by step instructions to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox 360

The best way to associate Bluetooth earphones with your Xbox 360 is to utilize a connector. This sort of arrangement will work provided that the control center and the Bluetooth earphones are not excessively old (they ought to help basically the sound system Apt-X codec).

Adapters make connecting wired headsets, similar to standard ones or extraordinary gaming headsets, to Bluetooth. Yet, to utilize your Bluetooth earphones with your Xbox 360, things are a touch more convoluted.

Assuming you follow the aide above you will see that my outright most loved Bluetooth transmitter is the Avantree Orbit. You can utilize an optical association (which is what you want to interface with Xbox 360), you can interface numerous earphones at the same time, and there is essentially no idleness (slack) on the sound.

On the off chance that you need a more affordable transmitter, the Avantree Audikast Plus is a generally excellent choice.

How Does the Bluetooth Adapter Respond?

The Bluetooth connector or transmitter will take the sound result from your Xbox and send it to your Bluetooth earphones. It’s vital for utilize a connector that can communicate at a recurrence of around 2.4GHz, as this is the very recurrence that Xbox regulators use.

Some Bluetooth transmitters are great to such an extent that they can permit you to all the while interface two Bluetooth earphones. This is great to listen together with a friend or on the other hand assuming your children need their own earphones as well.

You should simply plug the transmitter into the Xbox 360’s advanced optical port and afterward pair the earphones with it. Quite simple, correct?

On the off chance that you have the Xbox 360 E Console, you can likewise utilize a connector with a 3.5 mm jack. In any case, for any remaining models, you want to associate the transmitter through the optical port.

Things To Remember When Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to your Xbox 360:

  • You are simply going to tune in, you can’t utilize the mic. So to speak with other gamers, you should connect a standard wired headset the regulator.
  • The transmitter should be re-energized, so pay special attention to one with some great battery limit or one with a USB charger.

Last Thoughts

While it is preposterous to straightforwardly associate your Bluetooth earphones to Xbox 360, utilizing a transmitter is the following best thing.

You will actually want to listen remotely and with encompass sound assuming the earphones support it.

A major advantage of this arrangement is that you can likewise utilize two Bluetooth headsets immediately so companions can play together without sharing one earphone.

I trust this article has been useful, and you’ve taken in some things about how to interface Bluetooth earphones with your Xbox 360.

Assuming you have any inquiries, go ahead and leave them in the comments area underneath.


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